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Give it to Me

The client wanted a hard hitting, entertaining and shareable video to promote his new track Give It To Me. The goal was to first grab people’s attention with a laugh out loud video and then hit people with the important message about deforestation and hopefully make people want to share and contribute to the cause in some way.

What we did

We edited some footage of a Peacock Spider to look like he was dancing to the music then added lots of colour, distortion effects and general editing wizardry. After about a minute or 2 of dancing we switched the footage to hard hitting, disturbing images of deforestation and followed that with a positive call to action message urging everyone to come together and help. Finally we posted it on Facebook and pushed it out to various targeting demographics for 1 month.












A Large increase in EP sales and with the money raised, hopefully a contribution to the fight against deforestation and animal cruelty.

The client is very happy with the results and keeps the marketing ticking over every month, raising money for charities and generating Xposure for his music.

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Music Videos

As we are sure you have noticed music videos are an integral tool for achieving success in music and generating the right xposure! The right video on the right platform can literally make you as an artist. If a video goes viral with your track on it, potentially millions of people could be exposed to your music and hopefully start to follow you on various social media platforms. The team at DX can not only film and produce your videos but we also offer a creative media think tank were we will come up with some genius ideas for your video. Also you don’t have to spend a fortune on a video for it to go viral, a good idea is just as important!

Music Marketing

So you’ve spent 10,000 hours in a dark room by yourself making strange noises? You have finally finished some music. Now what? How do you get this music out to the masses and more importantly the people who will like your music?

Well that’s were Digital Xposure can help! Because we are also that person who spent 10,000 hours locked away, our team of artists and creative’s understand what you’ve been through and also understand what to do next, because we have already done it for ourselves. With tried and tested techniques we will get your online presence looking professional and consistent then start to push your music using specific techniques and formulas individual to your sound and target market.

We have various packages available and are happy to answer any questions you might have. Just give us a call now? – 07927 965 698

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